Bee, Butterfly and Fairy Mix
Bee, Butterfly and Fairy Mix
The little growers

Bee, Butterfly and Fairy Mix

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Welcome to my Whismical World of Bees, Butterflies and Fairies. I am Winnie the Lady Bug and I enjoy entertaining all of my garden friends. I love to throw parties where we eat fairy bread and drink lemonade. I always put on a fabulous show, from dancing and singing, to performing magic tricks. Everyone is invited to come and watch the garden fairies dance under the moonlight. We laugh, sing and play and always leave a little sparkle wherever we go.

A garden mix to encourage the bees and butterflies into the garden, with a sprinkle of bio-degradable glitter.
Somewhere warm and sunny where the fairies have room to dance.
Days to maturity
When to sprinkle
All year round