Crystal affirmations- 8 cards and tumble stones
Crystal affirmations- 8 cards and tumble stones
Crystal affirmations- 8 cards and tumble stones
Crystal affirmations- 8 cards and tumble stones
Growing kind

Crystal affirmations- 8 cards and tumble stones

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Bringing together the powers of crystal energy and fostering a positive
mindset, Growing Kind’s beautiful mini-deck of affirmation cards and tumble
stone crystals is something special.
This positively focused and tactile set has been made especially for children,
teens and adults, as a natural and easy way to create self-awareness and
Here are just a few ways you can use the cards and stone crystals:
• Randomly pick a card, find its matching stone crystal and spend at least 5
minutes: reading the card; rubbing the stone; closing your eyes and repeating
the affirmation to yourself. Give yourself time to connect with the crystal, and
feel the power of its positive affirmation.
• Select a new card and crystal each day, once a week, or just when you feel
you need the energy shift. Repeat the affirmation for one week, and notice
during that week, how more aware and present you become.
• Encourage younger children to match each stone crystal to its
corresponding image on each card. Talk about how the crystals look and
feel. What’s different about them, and what’s the same?
• If you are drawn to a card, have it nearby and read it often. Remind yourself
that you are calm, patient or strong.
• Encourage your children to say the affirmations with you – especially first
thing in the morning before school, or last thing before bed. Do they, and
you, notice any changes in how you all think and feel? Share your
•Made especially for teens and adults. Also great for crystal loving 5 years +
Please supervise younger children 5 and under as the stone crystals may
cause a choking hazard.
The Crystal Affirmation Cards come with 8 affirmations and 8 tumble stone
crystals. Each crystal has been chosen to enhance certain qualities of self.
Printed on recycled 350gsm card stock, and presented in a sustainably
sourced canvas drawstring bag.
Written and designed by Amie Hankinson. Published in 2018.
Amie is a qualified Early Childhood Teacher, Mother, and Creator/Director of
Growing Kind.
“I am basically just like you: a mum who dreams of sleeping through the night
and drinking her hot coffee in one sitting!”
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