Foam alphabet letter stamps
Foam alphabet letter stamps
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Foam alphabet letter stamps

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EVA Alphabet Stamps are a fun printing tool that engages and encourages children to write and make sentences. Stamps are a quick way to add words to artwork and class displays. They can also be used to make impressions in dough. This collection of easy to hold, EVA Alphabet Stamps includes 26 pieces, each a letter of the alphabet.

EVA Alphabet Stamps can be used to decorate posters and signage, and embellish artwork, paper craft, decorate wrapping paper and scrap booking projects. Encourage children to incorporate text in their artwork, and use in combination with other stamps to explore shape and pattern. Stamped impressions can be further enhanced with line work using markers.

  • Set includes 26 assorted shapes.
  • Made from durable 25mm thick EVA foam
  • White EVA Foam
  • Shape size approx 6cm high

How to use EVA Alphabet Stamps 
1. Apply some acrylic paint to a sponge to make a stamp pad.
2. Ink an EVA Alphabet Stamp using the sponge stamp pad you made.
3. Then stamp onto paper, card or fabric.
4. Explore stamping out different designs, words and patterns.
5. Wash thoroughly after use