Foam stamp shapes
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Foam stamp shapes

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These EVA Stamping Shapes are a great assortment of stamps, great for embellishing paper craft, card making, and a fun way to explore pattern and design. Can also be used to indent and add pattern to modelling clay. This collection of EVA Stamping Shapes includes 20 assorted stamping shapes: circles, stars, squares, ovals, hexagons, triangles etc..

  • This assortment of stampers are made from durable 25mm white thick EVA foam
  • EVA Stamping Shapes Asst are 20 assorted shapes.
  • Shape size approx 14-60mm

How to use EVA Stamping Shapes 
1. Apply some acrylic paint to a sponge to make a stamp pad.
2. Ink a foam Stamping Shape using the sponge stamp pad you made.
3. Then stamp onto paper, card or fabric.
4. Explore stamping out different designs and patterns.
5. Wash thoroughly after use

Use stamps to make wrapping paper, encourage children to create drawings by combining shapes, and to explore patterns. Stamped designs can be enhanced with line work with markers. Stamps can also be pressed into Plasticine.