Nature Play Prompts
Nature Play Prompts
Nature Play Prompts
Growing kind

Nature Play Prompts

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Growing Kind is the home of #natureplayprompts : Inspiring families to enjoy the small things in
Consider Nature Play Prompts part of your parenting and/or education toolkit that inspires and
encourages your children to get outside and be active each day. Whenever you hear “I’m
bored”, or you want to reduce the amount of ‘screen time’, pull out the cards and get inspired.
Together you can explore and appreciate the beauty of nature, while encouraging independence,
and instilling a passion for protecting our beautiful great outdoors for generations to come.
For those that are already avid nature lovers, this pack gives bountiful prompts that invigorate
learning through art/craft, science, flora and fauna observation, and active play. All of our
prompts are well researched with childhood development and safety at the core.
Growing Kind’s #natureplayprompts are designed by early childhood specialists and are suited
for children from 12 months to approximately 8 years.
There are 30 prompts (double sided cards with inspiring activities), many offering an ‘extension’
or ‘further thinking’ to challenge the older learners.
Prompt card features also include:
 Printed on environmentally friendly paper with a gloss laminate and rounded corners to
withstand little grubby hands. We chose the thickest 100% recycled paper to sustain
planet Earth.
 Each card measures 13 x 9cm, and includes a quirky nature fact.
 They come packaged in a digitally printed cardboard box, for safe keeping
Researched, designed and written by Amie Hankinson. First Published in 2018.
Amie is a qualified Early Childhood Teacher, Mother, and Creator/Director of Growing Kind.
“As a mum I understand that life is pretty busy, our Nature Play Prompts offer a range of
activities that can take 2 minutes or be extended to fill your day. We aim for small positive
changes that can be incorporated into your current routine. From as simple as drinking your
morning coffee outside, or eating lunch together under a shady tree.”
Did you know …
It is recommended that children spend at least 1.5 hours outside each day?
Sadly less than 47% of Australian children are getting enough active outdoor play.
Outdoor play makes children happier, healthier and smarter! It’s also been proven to have a
positive impact on mother’s mental health, which allows you to be a more productive and
passionate parent.